GlowCollar - LED Light Up Dog Collar by GlowHERO


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✔ AS SEEN ON TV: The Rachael Ray Show featured GlowHERO as a top safety product for 2018.
The GlowCollar was designed to be ultra bright and durable LED reflective dog collar.
✔ Lightweight & Easy to Attach:
3oz GlowCollars were designed to be light as a feather and strong enough for any breed dog.
✔ Ready To Use:
Replaceable battery included ready to activate and glow.
✔ 80 Hours
of continuous use and a 1 year warranty included. See product for details.


The GlowCOLLAR by GlowHERO is the best investment into your dog or pet's safety at night time or early morning you can make. Locking on a glow collar makes your dog instantly visible from over 600 Yards.

Consider this: Approximately 1.2 million dogs were hit by cars on the road last year alone. GlowHERO wants to work to reduce that number drastically by making pet's more visible from a greater distance. 

While your dog is wearing a GlowCOLLAR their visibility is increased 100x over a normal collar and that provides braking distance for a vehicle as well as helping you find your dog easier.

The light up dog collar has 3 modes: Fast blink, Blink, and Steady. It is simple to adjust to your dogs neck, click in, and turn on. You will be ready to go in no time. It is perfect to be seen by other walkers, cyclists, motorists, roller bladers, runners, distracted drivers, etc.

Buy With Confidence - GlowHERO stands by all their products and their mission to keep the world safer at night time. We warranty this product for 1 year of it's use in normal conditions. If you are all at dis-satisfied with the collar, GlowHERO will strive to make it right for you.

Don't leave your dogs safety up to chance. Get the lightweight & versatile GlowCOLLAR today and be protected!