GlowBAND - LED Slap Bracelet by GlowHERO


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✔ ULTRA HIGH VISIBILITY: The GlowHERO™ GlowBand is designed to give you 360 degree ultra-high visibility in dusk and night time activities. That means greater safety for you or your children from negligent and distracted motorists.
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT, SOFT, FLEXIBLE NYLON: The GlowHERO™ GlowBand was designed with comfort in mind. The GlowBand is lightweight and soft to prevent fatigue and discomfort for wearers of all ages.
✔ SWEAT, SMELL, WATER RESISTANT: GlowHERO™ GlowBands use a high end patented technology that resists water, sweat, and smell. No other LED wristband can compare. This means GlowBands last longer and are more enjoyable to use over and over.
✔ REPLACEABLE BATTERY: GlowBands come with a replaceable battery. This allows you to enjoy it year after year with up to 80 hours of continuous use on a single battery. It takes 1 CR2032 battery available at most major stores.
✔ GlowHERO WARRANTY: GlowHERO™ GlowBands come with a 1 Year Warranty. See product for details.


Do you value safety while you, your children, or your pets are outside at night?


GlowHERO does, which is why we created the Glow Band. The Glow Band from GlowHERO™ is a one-size fits all "slap on" ultra-high visibility wrist band that features a wide and bright LED light to keep you safer at dusk and night time.

Wear your Glow Band for anything:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Pet Walking
  • Hiking and Camping
  • Sports at night
  • Concerts and Raves
  • Marathons

Glow Band features:

  • Its 100% nylon soft and flexible design makes it extremely comfortable to wear and practically indestructible at only 1.3oz!
  • It's wide 360 degree glow area and ultra-bright LED means you will be highly visible to distracted motorists and your children will be easy to keep tabs on at night.
  • The GlowBands feature 3 modes for use, just click the button for on, blink, and off! It doesn't get any easier to use.
  • All GlowBands use a special non-toxic, environmentally friendly, technology which makes them water, sweat, and smell resistant keeping them fresh for hundreds of uses. No other product compares.

GlowHERO™ comes with a 1 Year Warranty against manufacturer defects. Rest assured your Glow Band is best-in-class.