GlowBAND Instructions

How to change the battery in a GlowHERO GlowBAND

Items Needed:

Qty 1 - CR2032 lithium battery
Qty 1 - Pair of needle nose pliers


Step 1 - Start by flattening the band out so it is straight. This will allow the LED board to slide out.

glow band battery instructions 1


Step 2 - Open the velcro pocket and use the needle nose pliers to gently grab the edge of the LED board. Slide it far enough to work with it, do not remove it all the way.


Step 3 - Once out, gently nudge the cr2032 battery from the battery cage


Step 4 - Gently slide in a new CR2032 lithium battery and press on the cage legs to make sure they did not pop up.


Step 5 - Slide the LED board back in the band and reseal the velcro pocket. You are now ready to glow again!


If you have any issues with this process, Contact Us. (We would be glad to help you)