GlowCOLLAR Instructions


How to change the battery in the GlowHERO GlowCOLLAR

Things you will need before getting started:

Qty 1 - #0 Phillips precision screwdriver

Qty 2 - CR2025 Lithium batteries (available at all major stores)



Step 1 - Release buckle and allow the collar to lay flat.

Step 2 - Slide the battery unit to the side and pull out of leash about 1 inch total.

Step 3 - Using the #0 screwdriver, remove all 4 screws on the battery case

Step 4 - Gently slide old used batteries from the cage. (NOTE: DO NOT use a metal tool for this step)

Step 5 - Stack two new CR2025 batteries with the positive side facing upward and slide them gently into the battery cage

Step 6 - Replace battery cage cover and verify it is seated correctly

Step 7 - Using the #0 screwdriver, screw the 4 screws back into the battery cage

Step 8 - Verify the unit lights up correctly, then slide the battery unit back into the leash.


If you have any issues with this process, Contact Us. (We would be glad to help you)